20 февруари 2011 г.

At home

This weekend I went home to my parents in Vratsa. I am a student and I study in Sofia. On Friday I went home for the first time in two weeks. And on Monday I will travel back to Sofia. Sofia and Vratsa is situated about 100 miles away and this distance by train is passing for two hours. So it's not far away. This picture is from my room at home. And it's pink!! :))
I wear comfortable clothes for the trip- beige sweater from TerraNova, dark green knit hat from New Yorker, a white shirt from Calliope under the sweater and a antique clock that belonged to my grandfather and my great-grandfather first.
I spent relaxing and enjoyable weekend at home, I saw my parents, I ate cooked meals from mom, which were very tasty and slept until late afternoon. Naturally I saw my boyfriend too. :))
I feel refreshed, but I can not say I'm ready for the upcoming week at the University.


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