3 февруари 2011 г.


This is my other baby boy. His name is Paris as Prince Paris of Troy. I received it as a gift for my 18th birthday. Three of my classmates surprised me with this cute bunny on my door. It was just a little baby then (as the first picture), but now two and a half years later, my bunny is a real man. :)) Paris is a very lovable bunny. He is also curious about everything in the rooms. He loves to spin around me and my parents legs. It is really funny and ridiculous but also dangerous, because I'm afraid not to step on him accidentally. Luckily this have not happened. I love my bunny very much but I am unable to be with him as often as I want. The main reason for this is that now Paris lives with my parents and I am a student in another city. I go home every few weeks but he already loves my mother most. She cares most about him, so she deserves his attachment.


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