12 март 2011 г.

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy. "

Dalai Lama said  "The purpose of our lives is to be happy. ". So we should be happy for every good thing in our live and forget about the bad ones. Today I am happy about the sun outside, about my parents and about the love I live through!! 
Have a great happy weekend everybody!! :)) 

Polo-neck shirt - Terranova / Skirt - Terranova / Bracelets - Terranova / Shoes - Zara

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Mary Ko. каза...

You've got a volume of hair to envy! :)
Really cool!

Welcome to my blog!
Follow if you like ;)

Henar каза...

Aaw, this is beautiful !
I love it ! ♥


Десислава Валентинова каза...

thanks, girls :))

Leigh каза...

great look! fabulous skirt, fabulous heels! :)


Z--- каза...

you look great!love the skirt!xx


Yasmine каза...

Ooh, so a great outfit!
Really cool!



Iben каза...

HI sweetie! Oh my, you look so cute!

Love Iben

LiLi каза...

I like the color repetition :-)

Relatable Style

Dominika каза...

so pretty!

Tyna каза...

great skirt!!! .)

Десислава Валентинова каза...

merci ;))

Jen S. каза...

what a great nail color!


Gregory каза...

I love the bow on your skirt!!


Kristen Leotsakou каза...

lovely outfit! <3

Pop Champagne каза...

LOVE the bracelet you got on! the studded bracelet is hot! the heels match perfectly with your shorts :)

Prutha каза...

cute bracelets


Beckerman Girls каза...

You have the BESSST hair!!!Love your styling! You look super fabulous!!!! And love the brown color palette!!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


GoodFrameofMind каза...

Girl, that skirt is adorable!

ellinelle каза...

OMG ..your hair is perfect ..love , love , love ...you look so cute and have great style ..

Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank you, girls :))

Megan каза...

i sooo want those shorts!!! i havent heard of the store you got them at though..darnit! you look so pretty :-)

Estefania Lovelifefashion каза...

Hi sweetie :) thanks for your comment :)
I LOVE your hair and your style. I'm gonna take a look at your blog right now.

Ellie каза...

this is a great look! I love the shades of brown and I especially love that nail color!

Ruby Girl каза...

HOW do you do that bump? I am quite familiar with back-combing, etc, but mine never turns out as fab as yours!! ps---thanks for the love on my blog. you seem quite sweet.


cryskay каза...

love your hair! its gorgeous!!! xx

Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank yooou :)) you are very sweet girls :))

Süsse Versuchungen каза...

your skirt is so cute,
but where is terranova?
i never heard about it?
(i live in germany)


black pearl каза...

love yours bracelets and shoes:)


Tanja каза...

You´re very pretty..
I love the skirt!
Greetings from Germany;)

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