22 март 2011 г.

Who is the chef in the house ?!

This is the only good picture which is taken these days.. I'm so sorry but I'm very busy at the University right now.. Honestly I'm exhausted.. Anyway my boyfriend and I have wonderful plans for this weekend, so cross your fingers to accomplish them. And I promiss you more pictures and maybe an outfit. But since then I have a lot of classes and tests..
Have a nice week everybody.

P.S. I'm wearing an cooking apron by some Coca Cola Game in the local shop. My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun whit it this afternoon.. :))


8 коментара

  1. Loving your blog doll! Your hair is gorgeous!! xo

  2. Sdrasti! As sam Emi ot


    i samo iskam da ti blagodaria sa komentariteti! Mnogo e interesno 4e i ti si bulgarka :D
    Ima4 yaka kosa!!! Isviniavai pisania mi bulgarski - ne sam 4ak tolkova dobra ;-)
    Vsitshko dubro,

  3. i love your cheekbones! i hope you have a great weekend! xx

  4. What do you mean the only good picture? You are beautiful all the time and looking like that I would let you cook for me anytime!

  5. I'm not very sure but thank you, Bre, for this kind compliment. You are very sweet!! :))
    If I have a chance I would cook you something hahaah ;))


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