5 април 2011 г.

Grey.. only outside

The sky is grey again, but it isn't cold outside and isn't raining.. so I'm happy!! It's spring!! :))

P.S. Now I have to learn the Latin names of a significant number of plants for tomorrow's test of Botany.. Wish me luck..
Scarf - Tally Weijl / Pullover - Kenvelo / Leather pants - New Yorker / Shoes - Never 2 hot / Bracelets - Pimkie / Watch - Morina Austria / Belt - Terranova / Bag - Fiorelli

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Taj Acosta каза...

Girl I just died when I saw this outfit! So glam and chic!! I love those leather pants and need a pair!! Gorgeous xoxo

Pola Cherie каза...

Cute look! Perfectly styled from head to toe, good luck! xx

Tyna каза...

you look great!love your leggins.)

BABI каза...

pretty pictures! i like your hair!


Fashion Nicotine каза...

Nice outfit!

Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank you, girls :))

Sassi каза...

great look!

Star-Light каза...

great blog dear!

i follow..hope you follow back ;) <3


MJonas_ каза...

your blog is so cute and amazing!!
if you want you'll be my follower:)

agnes каза...

SUPERBE, j'adore ton look, ton pantalon est terrible, bravo

Lisa каза...

I LOVE this outfit so much, you have such great style!


Yasmine каза...

Great combination!
Love your blog btw =)

maybe we could folloiw each other?


Joanna K. каза...

love your blog!!
following you!
check out mine I'd love your opinion!!


Kristen каза...

loving your accessories. super cute outfit : )

Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank you all :))

Madeline Weber каза...

love the outfit!! your pants are so fierce


Lina каза...

Nice outfit!!

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