28 май 2011 г.

Summer day with friends

These pictures are from one really wonderful summer day with two of my great friends. We spent the whole day together - walking in the park, drinking ice-cold fruit juices, laughing and joking. Several hours passed in conversations about our lives - to catch up the time during which we have not seen each other. Of course we took a lot of pictures - to remind us about this beautiful day till our next meeting.

 Glasses - Mango / Shirt - Calliope / Shorts - Tally Weijl / Belt - Tally Weijl / Bracelets - Tally Weijl

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Pssshhht каза...

ha! that looks like fun.
i really like the first picture btw lol


C & M каза...

beautiful photos! lovely blog :D

miikax3 каза...

nice outfit :))

follow me at www.miikax3.blogspot.com

The Fashion Writress каза...

You two are adorable, lovely outfit too! I follow you doll!


Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank you, girls, you are soooo sweet!! <3

pintojak каза...

You look like your having so much fun; great pics:)


MaNAa каза...

your hair are crazy love it so much <3



Rita каза...

Love your hair! So high <3
And the outfit is very gorgeous :)


Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank yooou, babes ;))

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