1 юли 2011 г.

Gold & Leather

This is not exactly a summer outfit, but outside is still not particularly warm. At least today the sun rose. And even though tomorrow is July 1, the temperature stays around 20 degrees. Let's hope next week to be a real summer outside. I have been wearing this leather pants and these shoes some months ago in a little bit diferent outfit. You can see it here. You also have seen the earrings, but with raised hair here.

 Earrings - Bijou Brigitte / Necklace - New Yorker / Blouse - New Yorker / Leather pants - New Yorker / Bracelets - Terranova / Shoes - Never 2 hot

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Oh my Dior! каза...

wow you look like a doll / barbie here! amazing outfit!!


Rita каза...

You have amazing hair :) love your outfit!


Fashion Addict каза...

I absolutely ADORE this outfit and I love love love the necklace that you are wearing. You are very beautiful and I'm jealous of your hair. :D

QueenDesi каза...

love the combination of these outfit.
the leather oants is totally HOT for sure!!
you look awesome :)

tks for left comment at my latest post, i really appreciate it.
i'm your new follower, feel free to comeback to check my newest post.
it'll be awesome if we can follow each other *wink*


in Love&Light
Queen D

Десислава Валентинова каза...

thank you, sweet girls :))

Zarna каза...

those leather pants are so cool!

Assitan каза...

Thank you for your comment, it's nice.
I like your style too so I follow you on twitter, bloglovin and I will also become a member of your blog !

Núria García каза...

Love the rock-feeling of the outfit!

Thanks for your comment, I really try to enjoy myself and it feels great that you can notice it trough the pictures! ;)

XX, Núria

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