8 юли 2011 г.

In the mountain

These are some pictures from a day in the mountain. This incredibly beautiful scenery is located just a few kilometers away from the town where I live. From anywhere in the city can be seen the mountain. The good thing is that at every occasion you can go for a walk along the river, climb a rock or make a picnic. My boyfriend and I did exactly this thing these days. And it was a very nice day. I hope you have a good summer too filled with trips, sunshine, fresh juices and love. :))

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PITERBELFY http://piterbelfy.blogspot.com/ каза...

So nice photos!! LIke them!

Take a look at my blog, please


PITERBELFY http://piterbelfy.blogspot.com/ каза...

Now i´m following you, can you do the same?? :)
Thank you hear u soon!

maria chalieva каза...

absolutely nice, fresh and cozy

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