14 август 2011 г.

Girls night out

My friend Ioanna and I spent one amazing night together - first pizzas, then coctails and shots, and then beers with good music in a rock club.. The evening ended with midnight snack before going home. :))
P.S. Sorry, but after the shots we had so much fun and totally forgot to take pictures..

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le sorelle каза...

Ooh that pizza looks so delicious! :)

sorelle in style

cheyenne davide. каза...

ahh the pizza is making me hungry :(
loving your hair by the way, it's so big :D x

Caroline Robianto каза...



Kate каза...

hey, you rhair look gorgeous :)

Taryn каза...

sounds like a fun night, that pizza looks SO good!

Posh Masha каза...

Hello! I like your country so much! )))) I like your blog because it reminds me about my vacations and pics' pretty stylish girl from there so lovely!

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