26 август 2011 г.

La la la-la la la..

La la la-la la la, smurf your whole day long..
Yesterday my friend Ioanna and I smurfed the whooole day. :))
We went to Sofia and did some shopping, after which we needed to eat something tasty. Then with the new powers we headed to the cinema and watched the Smurfs in 3d. It was super fun and all the way home we smurfed like crazy in the train.
I also did not forget to congratulate my best friend Winnie the Pooh, who I met there.
This hot day (35 degrees) I wore a casual outfit - t-shirt, pants and flats. My friend's t-shirt also is really cool, don't you think?
So, the day was full of fun and talks and laugh.. and smurfing :))
La la la-la la la, you'll be Smurfing soon!! ..

T-shirt - Terranova / Harem pants - Calliope / Ioanna T-shirt - Kenvelo


14 коментара

  1. Nice photos!I think you have cool day!:))
    If you want you can visit my blog:))


  2. OMG! When i had black hair i look like you!!!
    Great picture:) Kiss!

  3. I always see other bloggers with the cutest stuff from Zara, but when I go in there I always leave empty-handed and disappointed :( Oh well! Nice post.

    Check out my blog some time at http://stylelustpages.com!

  4. So cute! I wanna watch The Smurfs! Thanks for such a cute post ;)

  5. Nice photos, you have such a cute face! I wanna watch The Smurfs! lol


  6. hello pretty! looks like u had a great time xxx u look nice as always!

  7. very cute photos - I love zara!

    x. jill

  8. looks like such a fun day! :) shopping and movies with friends is always fun

  9. You look absolutely stunning! Love your outfit from head to toe!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.


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