8 септември 2011 г.

My room

I decided to show you a little part of my life. This is my room in my parents apartment or at least some details from it. I live here only in summer and winter holidays. Everything is pink and very girly. You can see one figurines of the Eiffel Tower and a Parisian night scene on the wall, which I bought in Paris two years ago. The pink feather and the small pink jewel box I also bought two years ago but from England. And as I suppose you guessed already, I love dolls, this is my small collection, which I hope will grow over the years.

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thehiddenfairy каза...

those dolls feel like you're in a victorian era, sort of, those eiffel tower.. gush... love them :)


Qhule каза...

Your room is so pretty, love it:)))

fallenmoon каза...

love it, i looooooove pink. the feather and dream catcher are my favorite. =)

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natasha каза...

Very cute and creative, love the pink color!

Anna Muchart. каза...

wow, cute room!!

xoxo A.

Dessislava каза...

Наистина много girly! Иии хареса ми отговора по повод косите и обема - доволна съм.


Maya каза...

Pretty, love the pink! :)

Erika каза...

I love your blog and your pics!
your style is great.
please check out my blog and id love if u follow me ..I follow u


Joanna K. каза...

lovely photos!!!

Wida каза...

I'm in love with it :) I really like the Parisian theme. I want to make my room look like that as well!

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Hazel☺ каза...

your room!!! i loooove :D

miss_fashionmix каза...

Sooooo cute!!!!!

annalisa каза...

sooo much pink! i love it! xx
thanks for ur comment sweetheart!


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