3 октомври 2011 г.

Just like Birkin

I always liked the Birkin bag. But it is not my (i.e. my parents) financial resources. From really long time I want to find a nice copy at a lower price. And thanks to Paolo Botticelli, today I found one in beautiful cappuccino colour. The best part is that it will fit a lot with my new boots from Bershka. Let's hope that one day I will replaced the copy with the original one.

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Sammie каза...

oh yes the birkin is my holy grail :) such a fantastic bag :)
you can check also marco tagliaferri bags,they are also similar to a birkin but more slouchy :)
have fun with you new bag


www.blahblahbecky.co.uk каза...

Oooh, gorgeous! And so so similar! Good find (:


DailyGlamour каза...

great !

lapetiteblonde каза...

love it!!so chic!!


Laura Ochando каза...

I love the bag! I'm looking for one of this style but in black. I don't know why I not decided...

XOXO Beauty! Ü

Ale e Elis каза...

Like it. Good that you found the similar bag.


Alina F. каза...

Great bag,hon!Love the color!

miss.kotova каза...

Amazing find, im in love. I need one too!
stunning blog. Instant follow!

check out mine:

Olga каза...

i love those bag :DD

Chilly Chick каза...

lovely bag!

Sun,coffee and style's blog каза...

wow!! stunning bag. You're a lucky girl :)

Kisses from Spain :)

Kel каза...

The Birkin is out of my reach too so this is just the perfect solution.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

playing tall poppy

Carol каза...

Great bag, it´s a good copy ;)

Ancia каза...

Hey Lovelie! Your outfit is cool and I like your blog and your hair is just wow! Following you now!
Hope you share the love and follow back <3
X, Ancia

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