6 ноември 2011 г.

Favourite fragrances Part II

In this post you saw three of my favourite fragrances. Of course I like a lot other fragrances too. Here are two of them:

- Cat deluxe At Night by Naomi Campbell
- Cerruti 1881

What do you think about them?

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Cookie каза...

cerutti is also my favourite!

Onto My Wardrobe каза...

lovely blog!


SH каза...

Hey there. Great Blog.

Would be happy if you visit also mine.


Tesa каза...

nice blog! :)

Celia каза...

I never knew that Naomi Campbell had a fragrance!x

Sabrina каза...

cerruti beautiful!!!kiss!

Vale каза...

naomi campbell I love you...kiss


Sun,coffee and style's blog каза...

oohh We don't know nothing about this 2 fragances. We think that probably, there aren't in shops of Spain.

Kisses !!

Lola Finn каза...

Thank you soooo much for your nice comment on my blog, honey! :)
I love that parfume! Great choice ;)


Rakhshan каза...

really wanna try out the naomi campbell's scent, the bottle is super cute! love your leather pants in one of the posts:) you're so cute!
just came across your blog and its really nice:)
following you would love if you follow back!

My 2 Pesos каза...

They must smell good. :)

Phuong каза...

the last bottle looks gorgeous

Travel in Style

Erika каза...

beautiful pics , really Naomi Campbell parfum?!
I wait u tomorrow for a fabolous GIVEAWAY! >3

I follow u, follow me too

My Free Choice

cessoviedo каза...

Oh I loved Naomi Campbell's the bottle is just amazing, love the vintage look to it!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

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