22 декември 2011 г.

Christmas Shopping

Just a few days before Christmas I still am not finished with my Christmas shopping. But the search for the perfect gift is very enjoyable, especially when it is for a loved one. Also you can hear Christmas carols everywhere and see shining lights and winking Christmas decorations on every shop window. You can feel the Christmas spirit deep inside your tummy. :))
Are you ready with all the gifts and cards?
 Hat - Tally Weijl / Shirt - Terranova / Leggings - Bershka / Boots - Seveneast (from Humanic)

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Sammie каза...

i love christmas time :) and i also enjoy christmas shopping so much :) it's so fun to look at all these pretty things :)


Julia каза...

Wonderfull photo!!! Love them! Hope you found the special gift! I've done all shopping!!!!!!

Melu103 каза...

i am so happy
i am!
i finished sunday
and i am broke now haha

Melina ♥

the golden rose каза...

omg those boots are fantastic! love the buckles on them! xx sylvie

Naina каза...

Love your hat, you're so cute!

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Sabrina каза...

beautiful outfit!!!

Sunters каза...

Lovely pictures !

Happy new year


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