16 март 2013 г.

In the park

I can't believe that these pictures were taken on Wednesday, when the sun was shining and it was almost 20 degrees and just a couple of days later the temperature outside is around 0 degrees again..  I can't even tell if this really happened or was simply a product of my imagination. I mean, I really can't be more impatience than I already am. So spring, please, hurry up!
But let's get back to Wednesday.. I had a day off from the Univercity, also the weather was great as I said, so my boyfriend and I thought that we could not miss the opportunity to spend some quality time outside and enjoy the warmer weather. We decided to take a walk in the park and of course we didn't miss to grab a Caramel Latte for me and a Long Coffee for him from the nearest Costa Cafe.

And while I was enjoying the sun, he was enjoyng a cigarette.. :)

I had almost forgot to show you this little friend we met that day. Isn't it one of the cutest dogs out there? I definitely want to have one of these sugar babies one day.

And since at this moment it's not for human beings outside, I'm glad that I had the chance to spend "my weekend" that way. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend so far.

P.S. These days I will make a post with the outfit that I was wearing then. Stay tuned. :)

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Cailin´s Place каза...

nice outfit!Love costa´s coffee!!!kisses!

Tori каза...

Great neutral color combo!
Fashion, Trends & More

Yuriza Astari Rizkyta каза...

Great outfit! :)

Life's a shoe каза...

your pants are so cool!

Nesrin Bozlak каза...

Beautiful. THis outfit is gorgeous, i really love your pants.


Style of Purity

Diana каза...

Great outfit! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

Kristen каза...

Great outfit, makeup, and hair!! Let's keep in touch, follow me at:


Kacie Cone каза...

Looks like a beautiful weekend! Loving your bangs!

Lisa Versace каза...

Haha, nice trip,nice day.
Thanks for sharing.
I like the Camouflage trousers.
So cool.
By the way, i am also a blogger .Would you please join my site on blogspot? I will follow you as well.
Thank you.

Anna каза...

nice outfit! love your pants
maybe wanna follow each other? let me know

dressuponacloudyday.com каза...

I love your bangs! They're so thick and straight. Honestly I'm kind of envious, my hair would not tolerate bangs of this sort, but they look amazing on you.


Alexandra каза...

I adore latte too:) dogs look lovely:) seems u had some real fun:) Lovely pictures as well;)
Have a great time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Alexandra каза...

I adore latte too:) dogs look lovely:) seems u had some real fun:)

Best wishes, Alexandra

Verica Drazic каза...

Perfect! :D

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