2 април 2013 г.


And while I was waiting for the sun, the snow suprised us again. And even with this extraordinary winter weather at the end of March, I haven't had a chance to take these so desired by me snowy pictures.. Anyway, I spent almost the whole week with my family and there is nothing better than this in the world, don't you agree with me?
So, I hope you'll enjoy these pictures and be sure to tell me what you think?

 Shirt - Stradivarius / Jeans - H&M / Scarf - Tally Weijl / Boots - Paolo Botticelli / Bracelets - Cropp Town, Terranova

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Petra K. каза...

Love your shirt. This olive green colour will be perfect for the spring - when it comes to it.

Have a nice day,


John Marine каза...

I like your style here, Desislava. I love the boots the most of this outfit. The sun may not be shining around your way, but you're certainly fashionable sunshine here. Your smile beams like the sun. Much love from the USA! :)


Tiffy Diamond каза...

Wonderful outfit to spend time with your family. I love your eye makeup too! :) Now following.


Capturing the Moment каза...

I love your outfit!!


Love this look!
And your hair is beautiful .. it looks so healthy :-)


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