6 юли 2015 г.

Golden braun

Recently I told you that I'm definitely a boots person and that I don't pay much attention to bags in general. But to be honest It seems that I have been lying, since I added three new bags to my wardrobe in the last six months. This particular one I bought back in January after been looking for it almost a year. I was just about to give up, when I found it. It's something between a satchel and a postman bag I think.. But I really like it. What about you?

P.S. Also stay tuned for the whole look. It will be up on the blog in a couple of days.

17 юни 2015 г.

Premium breakfast

Hello, everyone! I'm so sorry again for this long radio silence period.. Even though I love blogging, my schedule is incredibly full.. I'm living at such a fast pace in the last couple of months, that I really can't believe is already June. If I could, I would blog every single day, maybe in a perfect world.. 
Anyway, the topic today is a bit different, yet linked with the fast life of a modern girl/ woman. As I'm quite busy and almost never have enough time to do the things I enjoy outside of my work, I always try to spare a few hours for myself in the morning. You know these little rituals we all have.. I like to have enough time for my morning coffee, to eat proper breakfast, to do my hair and make-up and so on.. It's really important to find this time for yourself, even if it is just 20 minutes. I'm still working on finding more time about reading.. It's something I enjoy the most since I was a little girl and it makes me really sad that there is never time for it. But everybody makes sacrifices, and this is something I have to do in order to have more free time to study english, which is my main goal right now. 
Have a nice day, you guys, and keep calm, the weekend is really close! Also don't forget to spare some time just for yourself, it's something you need a lot and definitely deserve!

8 май 2015 г.

The Eyes of God

During Easter my boyfriend, some friends and I made a spontaneous road trip to Karlukovo in attempt to visit the Prohodna Cave, also known as The Eyes of God. It's an amazing karst cave and unbelievable natural phenomenon. The main reason for that are the two equal-sized eye-like holes in its ceiling, formed by the nature itself through erosion, hence the name of the cave. The weather was great and sunny, and even though it was only one day trip, we had really good time together. It was like the begining of the summertime for us. There is nothing more charging than a day in the nature with some close friends.

As you see I opted for something more casual and suitable for this trip. The spring is the perfect time to wear my vest, when it's hot in the sun and a little bit cold in the shadow. Also I've been wearing this shirt a lot. You can see some other looks with it here and here
What do you think about it? Be sure to tell me your thoughts. Also wanna know have you visited this place before?
Vest - H&M / Shirt - H&M / Pants - Tally Weijl / Ankle boots - House

25 април 2015 г.


 It's Saturday and it's my first day off from work since 12th April.. So, it's kind of a big deal for me. Also, it's nice not to have to set the alarm for the next day at least once. And even though I have a million things to do today, I'm drinking cappuccino and listening to some of my favorite bands all morning. In the meanwhile I've been editing the pictures from Easter and I'm planning to post them really soon. Maybe on Monday, so stay tuned. 
That's for now. I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend. I know that mine is going to be a great one.

17 април 2015 г.

Black / White

After catching a couple of colds in the last two weeks and a month of constant rain, the spring finally came to our little country. It's hot and sunny outside and I'm about going to work in a couple of hours but in the meanwhile I decided to share these black and white pictures I shot some time ago. It was still cold and grey outside and I was wearing quite monochrome look, but still one of my favorites. It includes my beloved round glasses, my new combat boots and my gypsy leather backpack! All of this combined with a silk and a lot more elegant shirt with a bow tie. What do you think about it? 

Glasses - H&M / Shirt - Stradivarius / Leather jacket - Pull & Bear / Jeans - Stradivarius / Combat boots - H&M


7 април 2015 г.


Hello, spring! No? It's April and it's snowing..
I'm trying really hard not to be gloomy as the sky outside but it gets harder and harder. Please, spring, hurry up!
Recently I had some days off from work, so my boyfriend and I decided to spend them together since we normally don't have the chance to see each other every day.. It didn't stop raining cats and dogs for the whole four days.. On one of those days we dressed up and refused to stay home all the time. It's a lot different to drink coffee outside for a change.. haha.. So, that's what we did.. We went straight into the closest to home cafe.

And while he prefers his coffee short like an Italian.. 

.. I'm more like give me that small bowl vanilla cappuccino.. almost the size of my head..

But let's go to the main part. Here's my very spring outfit including my combat boots and the parka, in which I'm living the whole winter. It's the warmest outwear I own. Also, I have a thing about fluffy hoods (if you follow me for a while, you are familiar with this fact).

In Bulgaria we celebrate Easter this weekend and I'll have some days off from work again. Let's hope for some more sunshine.. Have a great week and be sure to tell me what do you think about this look?
Parka - H&M / Jeans - Tally Weijl / Combat boots - H&M
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