3 август 2011 г.

In the pool

Some shots, while we were in the pool of the hotel.. And one picture at night.
If you're observant, you will notice the orange bracelets on our hands. It seems like we are members of some kind of a sect.. obviously All inclusive requires sacrifice. ;))

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Erika каза...

i love these shoots


ps: i follow u here and on bloglovin..follow me too?

marama каза...

Great photos =)


Trend Steps каза...

What cute photos! Love that you guys are so laid back :)

BTW, your blog is amazing, and nevertheless YOU HAIR!! I am in love. I always wanted that hairstyle, but I never get how to style it properly and my hair grows out of its layers again. You look stunning though.

CessOviedo каза...

Aw you look so cute chilling in the pool, such a relaxing time!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Trend Steps каза...

Thank you!
Actually no, the waiting list was eliminated a couple of years ago. So there is no waiting list any more, it's available for everyone :)

Miss Delirium каза...

[Reply] Aww thanks doll! You too:)

Hmm.. You should try at the hairdresser salons, I think they sell it pretty much everywhere now :) And if you find it you should definately try it! :D

Lovely photos, looks like you're having a great time!:D

pintojak каза...

You look like your having a great time, so jealous.


Katie каза...

Great pictures, the pool looks so inviting I wish I could jump in! xo

Glam Fashionista каза...

great post, love your hat

Skinny каза...


madzia каза...

super pictures:)

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