7 февруари 2012 г.


You all know about my passion for perfumes, but this time the post is not just for girls. Along with the holidays my boyfriend and I decided to buy the perfume of Puma - Animagical - the female version for me and the male version for him. I can not say whether it unlock the animal instinct in us, but it certainly smells very nice.

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Sun,coffee and style's blog каза...

t we love parfums, too and now, it's a great recomendation for a San Valentine's day present. kisses from Spain!

Oh my Dior! каза...

love those bright colors!!


Melu103 каза...

i like the designs :)


Anca Tudorache каза...

Hey! you have such an amazing blog, congrats & keep going like that!
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Kisses, Anca from 16AAH

Julie Khuu каза...

Such cute bottles! Neon's so hot for spring...I'll DEF check em out since there's a Puma store right by me...thanks for the tip!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture.com

chibiwow каза...

Lovely idea! Would really love to check some for this big hearts day must have. :)
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Purvi каза...

looks so nice, I bet smells wonderful too :)

following you now :)

lolita каза...

wow love the packaging x


Clara Turbay каза...

Absolutely Great.

Anna каза...

It looks great :-)!


Alba каза...

Cool design! xoxo

Sassi каза...

love those!

Style Servings каза...

looks cool!


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