6 март 2012 г.

Starbucks cookie

 Have you noticed any change? New hairstyle again? Yes, I have bangs now. For some time I wanted a change and this is the result. I still feel a bit strange because I've never had bangs before. What do you think about it?
You can also see me wearing the glasses from the previous post (some of you have asked for this) and a new knitted cardigan from the sales.
 Glasses - Mango / T-shirt - Zara / Cardigan - Calliope / Jeans - Stradivarius / Bag - Paolo Botticelli

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Dolly каза...

you remind me of my friend here so much,
and i think you look gorgeous with bangs! I like your hair!

Mary каза...

Great boots!

Kristina Mitusova каза...

I really like your Bag, and boots! Brown looks great on you x

LaraBeTheOne каза...

haha I just wanted to ask you did you cut your bangs :)) It looks super pretty <3
Nice change xx

Tori каза...

Pretty sweater! Love how you styled it<3

megcasson каза...

You are so cute! Beautiful photos!


Aida каза...

you look lovely in this outfit - as you always do!
Thanks a lot for your feedback.
have a nice weekend !

Hristina каза...

huhhh, love your last picture :-)

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