17 май 2012 г.

The Doors

It could be said that you know a lot about my musical preferences. After the Punk post, now is time for another post, that is related with music. I admit it, I love The Doors! Therefore I almost screamed in surprise and pleasure when I saw this t-shirt a few months ago. My surprise was even bigger, considering the store where I found it. I always wanted to have a t-shirt like this one, so imagine how happy I am. Also it looks great with my rock boots.
T-shirt - Calliope / Jeans - H&M

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The Fashion Writress каза...

That shirt is soooo cool! Love the pix too honey!

megcasson каза...

Great outfit, I love those shoes!


Sabrina Musco каза...

beautiful !!!!

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glamourcoma каза...

love rock'n roll love the doors


Borjana каза...

WOW!Rocking this look honey!And I looove your hair;)

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine каза...

WOWW that's a great shoes... LOVE it :)


Melina каза...

great look

MadeOfTears каза...

Great blog! Beautiful hair! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]

Dolly каза...

the doors are really a great band, and im lovin this edgy look!
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

M каза...

gorgeous outfit! i love your style :)

Natasha - Style Du Jour каза...

U look so cute here, your hair looks amazing!

AnaMocca каза...

You're so cute and your blog is nice too!

J'adore Fashion каза...

Woww! You are gorgeous! <3

Kisses from http://jadorefashionlove.blogspot.com/

Erika Ginevra каза...

Beautiful shoes and tshirt! Love this look. :)

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