21 юли 2012 г.


Last week I found the perfect keychain ever! It is an incredibly beautiful little Japanese doll. The brand name is Kimmidoll. You can view the entire collection at the following site www.kimmidoll.com
The variety is enormous, and each doll has a name that reflects her personality. The one I chose is called Joy (CHIAKI). On the last picture you can see that on the package are written a few sentences, specifying its character. How lovely is that?
It seems so fragile and delicate, so I'm afraid not to destroy it in my purse..

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blackberryfashion каза...

I totally agree with you, this doll is so cute :)


Chris Ed каза...

how cute! I love it:)
xx chris

Sammie каза...

wow this is so cute :)


Martina Casas каза...

I love this!!!! I have three kimdolls and need moore!! jaja Look my blog!! xoxo

ChicPoint каза...

sweetest thing I've ever seen :) Btw, I liked your blog so much. Have a look at mind, and we can follow each other if you want ;) xoxo

Katarina | DARE 2 WEAR каза...

Sooo cute :))
Following you! Stop by sometimes :)

Evia каза...

Yes, she's really lovely :)
Try to visit my blog: http://eviadreamerphotos.blogspot.com/
Evia x

Margarida Reis каза...

absolutly lovely!


Sabrina T. каза...

such a cute cute thing!love the outfits too:(nice here

check out
Patchwork à Porter

Antonio Jurado каза...

Qué bonita ♥

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