7 септември 2012 г.

An afternoon in the mountain

Here are some pictures, which are made a couple of weeks ago when my boyfriend had two days off from work. We decided to spent them in the mountain where it is not that hot as in the town. For that reason I chose to wear more comfortable look composed of shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. What do you think about it?
Tommorow my boyfriend and I are leaving for 3-4 days on a small holiday. But you stay tuned because I have prepared some interesting summer posts. 

Glasses - H&M / T-shirt - Terranova / Shorts - Pull&Bear / Sneakers - H&M

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Jessica каза...

love going places like this


Kristal Anderson каза...

loving your sunglasses form h&m and cute sneakers xox


Fashionable Memories каза...

Beautiful photos. Love your outfit!!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. Your supports will mean a lot to me!!! Thanks so much in advance. I look forward to hear from you and to read more of your future blog posts.

megcasson каза...

amazing pictures, i love the outfit casual but cute.
i love the feet out of the car picture.


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