13 септември 2012 г.

Day 1: Rila Monastery

I am a very impatient person, so I'll start with the photos from our roadtrip earlier than what I had planned. I'm still super excited about the whole experience, and I want to make you part of it. The first place we visited was the Rila Monastery, which is Eastern Orthodox. Therefore, it is very different from all Catholic churches and cathedrals. This is a place that I strongly recommend you to visit if you travel to this part of Europe. I tried to capture a little bit of the magical atmosphere, but I can't recreate the incredible inner feeling you get when you're at this place. You just have to experience it yourself.

P.S. Also the Rila Monastery is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

 Glasses - H&M / T-shirt - Fishbone / Jeans - Stradivarius / Sneakers - H&M / Bag - vintage / Bracelet - from the Rila Monastery

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Chris Ed каза...

Amazing images and place! I love your outfit!
xx chris

Rosa Banana каза...

This place looks beautiful and you are such a great couple!)

Laura каза...

I love this sportive look! It's perfect on you! Beautiful pictures dear!



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Merel ♥ каза...

lovely pictures!
x http://sparkling-sea.blogspot.com/

Nora Aradi каза...

You look so stunning!


Mademoiselle S. каза...

Уау страхотни снимки!!!


Bella Mariella каза...

wow! love these pictures so much! thank you for sharing on your beautiful blog!

with love,

Marianne Y

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