15 февруари 2013 г.

Back to black

In the past week things slowly began to return to their normal and I start to look like my real self again. Unfortunately, there are still no snow, so I guess I won't have the chance to take some snowy pictures this winter, no matter how much I want it! On the other hand I'm glad that I managed to take these pictures without wearing a coat, which is really rare for this time of the year. 
Anyway, I'm trying to truly rest, as the new semester begins on Monday and I will be dragged into a typical university madness of lectures, classes, tests and so on.. I don't even wanna think about it.. 
Hat - OVS / Shirt - Stradivarius / Blazer - Stradivarius / Leggings - Bershka / Belt - Pull&Bear / Ankle boots - Zara / Bracelets - Cropp town  

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John Marine каза...

Very cool outfit, Desislava! Very cool from top to bottom. I like to wish you well in your studies. After all, as much of an honor as it is to visit "TrueDreamcatcher," I also wish you the best in all other aspects of life- school included. So do your best and take care.


Mariana каза...

Loved this outfit :)


Yuriza Astari Rizkyta каза...

great outfit! i love it!


Alba - Petit Sweet Couture каза...

cool outfit!


megcasson каза...

great outfit, you look amazing.


kcomekarolina каза...

great look!

xoxo from rome

Gema каза...

Simple, basic outfit which is just fabulous!!!


Olga каза...

Great outfit and great pics!! Love your hair! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

Maria João Silva каза...

Amazing outfit! :D

xx MJ

Tie Bow-tie каза...

Adorable shirt and hat! You look so lovely!
Have a nice week!

Sarah Villarim каза...

Love your hair!! And your outfit is superr cute!!

Following here!


Love Sushi and Fashion каза...

Great look! Love your shoes and shirt! I am following you on GFC, would be very happy if you did the same! Maybe you also wanna follow on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know!I am also hosting a giveaway. Kisses <3<3


Melissa каза...

A flawless look. You have incredible style. x

<3 Melissa

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine каза...

you're so pretty... we never go wrong with black :)


Ramona Hux каза...

Cute trilby and amazing dramatic eye make up!


Thara Vidyaratne каза...

Love the look! Very sophisticated :)

Thara from Moss & Stone

Tiffy Diamond каза...

Love the blazer and hat, great outfit.

Nich каза...

Gorgeous pictures!!


Nadya Helena каза...

I'm a big fan of all blacks, and it's definitely amazing to see someone with similar style and taste!

eyeshadow illustrator
The Dilly Chic

Eyes of Paris каза...

Perfect !

The Chic Sheet каза...

This look is super rad ;)


martina tring каза...

Amazing !
Would you follow each other ??
Let me know ...


Sofia W каза...

I love the shoes! Your bangs are awesome, too, they really suit you :)


Anna Moore каза...

lovely post indeed!
would you like to follow each other?
if u like my posts))
flw me and tell about this!
I hope to hear from you soon!

Vanessa and Jana каза...

A nice outfit combination, honey! Really cool and still you :)
All the best,

Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin <3

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