3 юни 2013 г.

My sunglasses collection

I guess you've already figured out that in this post I'm gonna show you my sunglasses collection. There is only one missing pair -  my Audrey inspired sunglasses. I simply prepared this post before buying them..

I'll begin with the first pair of round glasses that I have ever bought - my peachy pink glasses from Six.

And as you know, since then I fell in love with round glasses in general. So, it isn't a suprise that I pretty quickly got my second..

and my third pair..

of round glasses, both from H&M.

The next four pairs are all from Mango - my all time favourite brand for sunglasses.
I have been collecting them since I was still in high school.

I've got cat-eye sunglasses:

I also have brown pair:

grey pair:

and white pair:

The last picture is not very good, but you can see me wearing these white glasses here. 

It's interesting for me to know which one is your favourite pair? :)

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Gabi Sade каза...

Ах очилцата сааааа... Прекраснии! :)

GoldenGirls каза...

Ohhhh I love ALL of these! Cat eyes are my fav! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

3fstreet каза...

great blog!

ChicStreetChoc Eriel каза...

oh so stunning post! Great pictures! I love them all!


Coca One каза...

Like it ! Awasome :) cocaone.blogspot.com

Mer Alonso Espinosa каза...

Great collection!!!



Mystic Lipstick каза...

You really have a nice blog, I´ll be so proud if you will visit mine.
Im new at posting, so Im trying to find some readers.
Do you want to follow each other?
:) Hugs and Kisses.


laviladystyle каза...

Love Mango glasses!!!

vesi каза...

Имам третия модел от Н&М, много са готини! Тъмно-зелени са предполагам и твоите, но на снимки излизат почти черни понякога.

vesi каза...

А малко се обърках, не знам къде да ти отговарям, в твоя или моя блог:) В очилата като се загледах сега забелязах, че не са еднакви и има малко разлика в рамката, но аз като видя подобни все си мисля, че са същите на прима и виста. Ето ги моите - http://postimg.org/image/qbuh9fmvp/ Поздрави!

BERRIES каза...

Great sunglasses love them all! ♥

Козметичната кутия каза...

Страхотни са, определено ще мина през Манго тези дни (:

My Blueberry Nights каза...

love all h&m sunglasses! ^^

kisses babe!

Daljeet Kaur каза...

Lovely collection..Thanks for sharing..
Optical Shops in Panchkula

Brooke Reagan каза...

I just splurged on some sunglasses at Madewell!

Brooke du jour

Michelle Verpuggi каза...

wow Iam in love!

Michela de Filippo каза...

In love with your sunglasses collection! Kiss


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