24 юли 2013 г.

Biker boots in the summer

Don't be suprised that I'm wearing biker boots in the summer.. I'm that crazy! But even if you don't believe me, that's not the reason this time.. It just was cold enough last week to wear them in the evenings.. as you can see I'm wearing even tights, which is the clothing piece I hate the most! However, the heat is finally here, so now I can complain about that too..
I promise there are more summer looks coming right away.
 Sunglasses - H&M / T-shirt - Bershka / Blazer - Stradivarius / Skirt - Terranova / Boots - Paolo Botticelli

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vesi каза...

Хехе, в началото си помислих, че това са снимки от пролетта, които си забравила да постнеш:) макар да знам колко хладно беше наскоро... Пожелавам ти хубаво лято!

Yomi каза...

Nice outfit, and love your hair! It looks so smooth and shiny!

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Jessy каза...

This is so cute. I love your hair!

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