27 август 2013 г.

Little white dress

In the summer time a simple white dress usually shifts the classic little black dress, which is obvious since the colour and the fabrics are more suitable for the hot weather..
In this case I decided to make the outfit more interesting by adding a denim vest, which is a must piece this season, and a straw. I really liked the result and honestly can say, that this is one of my favourite summer looks so far.. It's girly, but also very comfortable and practical. Besides you can always put on flat sandals instead of heels, depending on what you prefer. What do you think about it?

 Hat - Terranova / Dress - Stradivarius / Vest - H&M / Bag - H&M / Bracelets - Stradivarius / Rings - Bijou Brigitte / Sandals - Paolo Botticelli

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Venoma каза...

Beautiful dress, you matched it so nice!

Venoma's fashion diary

Julia каза...

This outfit is absolutely beautiful, love everything in it! Just found your blog and decided to start following you :) Great job honey, keep it up! I'm hoping you can visit also my blog and follow me back if you like what you're seeing :)

Kisses, Julia

A new life каза...

so pretty skirt and shoes :)

Ivey каза...

good colors
splendid smile

Julia каза...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope to see you soon again there :)

xx, Julia

shine star каза...

Very nice look ;)


ZagubiONA каза...

you have a beautiful hair ! :)

Gabi Sade каза...

Prekrasen autfit, snimkite sa mnogo hubavi! :)

Prettytendency каза...

Que bonito el vestido, quiere que nos sigamos?

Saioa каза...

me encanta el vestido! es muy bonito! me encantan las fotos

un besito


Теди К. каза...

Днес за първи път попаднах на блога ти и се чудя как досега не съм го срещала. Не бях виждала досега български фешън блог със толкова качествени снимки и стил. Моите поздравления!!

Аз имам бюти блог - ако ти допадне ме послдвай:

John Marine каза...

Cute! :) I love the white dress and the denim vest. The handbag and sandals are cool. I like your hat as well as your cute hairstyle, nicely complimenting your uniquely sweet smile. Cool outfit, Desislava!


shine star каза...

Great dress ;)
Amazing look!


Rumi Petrova каза...

Супер съчетание-много нежно и стилно.Снимките също са супер,а ти си много сладка! :)


Szymon Kloc каза...

Outfit with denim vest is really more interesting ;]
Now, I'm your fan! ;]

Fashion BLog by Szymon Kloc

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